Must-Read Travel Guide to Istanbul

Travel to: Istanbul, Marmaris, Andalucia, Gokova, and any region within 6 miles (10 kilometers) of the Turkish border because of terrorism. (level 3) Terrorist organizations continue to plan possible terrorist attacks in Turkey. There is no general rule for determining where a particular group or person may plan an attack, but high risk locations are regularly cordoned off and security forces monitor daily activities in the region. Terrorists may strike at any time with little or no prior warning, attacking tourist areas, transport hubs, market/shopping centers, local government establishments, tourist spots, parks, schools, hospitals, public buildings, parks, buildings belonging to the military, mosques, and other institutions belonging to the government.

The most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul are Beyoglu, Sisli, Mecidiyekoy, Bebek, Sisliye, Beyoglu Sese, and Mecidiyekoy. Each of these cities offers different attractions to travelers passing through. Beyoglu is the largest city in Turkey and a major seaport as well. One of the main districts in Beyoglu is Sisliye, where you can find many historical buildings and monuments. You will find the best shopping, entertainment, and cultural experience in Beyoglu itself, however, when you visit Istanbul, you can visit other great tourist destinations in the city.

One of the most popular activities Turkey tourists enjoy is visiting the beautiful natural beauty of the region around Istanbul. If you’re traveling with children, Turkey offers fantastic places for swimming and fun in the water. It’s also very easy for tourists to get to the beach of most beaches in Istanbul. Many beaches in Turkey are family friendly and there are usually enough bars and restaurants nearby for families to relax and have fun. If you prefer to stay inland, you can find many beautiful places for hiking and horseback riding throughout the region.

As you travel through Turkey, you will pass through several regions that have different culture and traditions. For example, Marmaris has its own language and it is spoken in the villages only. There is a high chance that you may hear a few words of Marmaris dialects in the tourist areas. There is a separate language for Marmaris, which is Fethiye. Most people traveling to Turkey from the United Kingdom or other European countries do not need to worry about encountering any problems speaking Fethiye because most of the Turkish-speaking people within the country are usually quite helpful.

Most of the Turkish people residing in the country are secular and they follow the Islamic faith strictly. Although there are no laws that prohibit people from practicing their religious beliefs, the majority of the mosques are built using local materials. The government does not impose any kind of dress code either. So, the chances of you coming across a scarf or salary in Turkey are quite low. The tourism industry in Turkey is mostly supported by the government, so there are rarely any customs and travel restrictions.

The pickpocketing in Istanbul is not really a problem per se, but there are a few precautions that tourists must take when in the country. Tourists can take certain measures to make themselves less tempting to would-be thieves. To begin with, tourists should keep their passports and other important documents with them at all times. It is also important for tourists to make sure they leave their wallet in their hotel room or any other safe place.

There are a few places in Istanbul that are more likely to pickpocketing or to be a target for pickpocketing. These include: the Bosphorus Bridge on the Asian side of Istanbul, outside the tourist zone, and in the old parts of Antlaya, Beyoglu, Sisli, Mecidiyekoy, Sisliye, Bebek, Marmaris, Kinaliada, Sarpagandir, Beyogluple, Bebekcukle, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, and Siloprene zones. It is generally advisable for tourists to avoid taking their wallets out of their pockets while in public places, especially in crowded places like the metro. Most establishments in Istanbul have security guards who can watch out for suspicious behavior.

One last thing that tourists should probably know about their vacation in Istanbul is that it is definitely not cheap. Food and drink are probably the two biggest attractions for tourists, and unfortunately they can cost quite a lot in Turkey, especially if you go for quality. However, the good news is that the Turkish people love their food, especially the kebabs. If you get the chance to taste their kebabs you will absolutely love it! There is so much variety in terms of taste that you could eat them any way you want, as long as you are not on a diet!