Gifts For Your Wedding Anniversary

There are tons of anniversary gift lists available. Most hit all the major anniversaries with both traditional and contemporary themes. However, for this year, there is only one and only, official Hallmark special anniversary gift list.

The idea is simple enough, yet it manages to be very innovative, because it combines traditional gifts with recent trends. Because most people only consider gifts that come from traditional shops during special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays, they miss the interesting possibilities that presents with a new theme bring. You can get great gifts with just about any theme, including vintage, ethnic, rustic, western, Gothic, and so on. And the best thing is that these gifts come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles, materials, etc. So you really do not have to limit yourself to just one theme.

For your five-year and ten-year anniversaries, make sure that the theme for your gift completely depends on the year that you are celebrating. If you are celebrating in the spring, a garden theme would be nice. On the other hand, if you are celebrating in the fall, a sports theme will be more appropriate. However, if you are planning to give anniversary gifts to your parents or grandparents in their 50th year of marriage, a classic theme would be appropriate.

Perhaps you are thinking that giving wood products makes your anniversary gifts seem like a waste of money. You would be surprised to know that this is not true at all. In fact, many experts say that giving wood items, especially desk sets and chair sets, makes the whole anniversary seems like a good time. This is because the wood represents a kind of longevity and permanence that your loved ones would enjoy for a very long time.

The same goes for giving cotton. Most people say that cotton items seem like an indulgence. In reality, though, a lot of people say that cotton is one of the most thoughtful gift-giving options available today. Cotton, after all, symbolizes long life and quality.

Another great idea is to buy a gift certificate. Gift certificates are great for those who are celebrating their anniversaries in a traditional manner. You could for instance purchase a certificate that says, “Use this for anything you want!” Or you could buy them a glass of wine. The gift certificates are also a good option for those who are celebrating their fifth, tenth, or twenty-fifth anniversaries.

If you are looking for anniversary gifts for women, lace would definitely be appropriate. Lace, after all, is used for weddings and for the bridal gown. When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts for women, though, you can buy anything from a set of wedding lace to a silk scarf with a pattern from your favorite movie or book. You could even buy a frame with a picture of the bride and groom engraved on the back!

For men, though, gifts for men tend to fall into a few more categories. One idea is to buy gifts that will remind him of a certain time in your relationship. Perhaps you gave him a CD when you were first going out together. A crystal watch would remind him of your first date. Keep in mind the theme of your wedding anniversary, as well, when choosing gifts for him.

Men also have a few options when it comes to marriage anniversary gifts. If you are celebrating ten years together, there are a few gifts that would fit that theme. Some items to consider are scented candles, picture frames, and especially a nice CD of your favorite music. If you are celebrating an eleventh anniversary, you might give your husband something that will remind him of that time in your relationship. A nice set of keys would be perfect for this theme.

For a more upscale anniversary gift, try a nice carved desk, a coffee table made of wood, or a nice brass plated set of cups and saucers. For less expensive anniversary presents, think about metal and copper accessories. A set of two iron cupboards and a copper tea pot would be nice. If you have not yet purchased a home, adding a copper finial to your front door would make it more interesting.

On your next trip to the store, try looking for gifts that have a natural and calming affect on you. Gifts of beauty like a large sapphire, a pink topaz, a deep green freshwater pear, or a blue sapphire ring will definitely relax you. Any of these items can be used as a necklace, a bracelet, a brooch, or even as a compact mirror. An emerald ring is another option if you prefer a gemstone rather than a diamond. An emerald is the birthstone of the month of March, and is also the birthstone for the month of April, so it would make a very good anniversary gift!