7 Tips to Exercise Increased Care While Traveling to India

Travel to India brings to you a diverse and mesmerizing land where you can experience the hospitality and love towards your fellow beings that cannot be experienced elsewhere. India is definitely one of the most colorful, dynamic, thrilling places to visit on earth. The richness of the culture, people, cuisine and variety of offerings make it an interesting destination for a tourist. There are so many travel packages available in India to help you choose a perfect holiday package.

When going for a holiday tour, it is important to consider the various aspects that will make your trip a comfortable and pleasurable experience for you and your family members. This does not only include the budget or the means but also the means and the culture that you will see in India. One of the important aspects that many people do not consider while traveling to India is the treatment of women during their transit. The chauffeurs usually treat the foreign women traveling in groups like ladies in arms. This behavior of the chauffeurs towards the foreign women adds much comfort to the foreign women travelers.

Another important thing to remember for the travel in India is to avoid any sort of travel restrictions and visas. The security measures in India are very strict and violation of any of these could lead to heavy penalties. Some of the things that the citizens are not required to follow while traveling in India include following the dress code for women. Most of the Indian cities are safe for all types of tourists irrespective of their religion or nationality. However, there are certain cities that are more prone to violence and the citizens are asked not to expose their skin in the sun in these cities.

The best way to travel in India is by air. Airlines from abroad offer discounted airfares and other facilities when it comes to traveling to India. If you are traveling by air, you may check with the U.S. Embassy in India or with any other embassy of good repute to avoid any form of quarantine.

As far as the lodging facilities are concerned, one can find many cheap hotels in India at all Indian airports and railway stations. These hotels arrange special rooms for foreign nationals. There are many economical hotels located in different cities of India. Most of them are located in and around the major cities like New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and the capital city of India, Pune. The quarantine regulations regarding India have not yet reached the level at the time of writing this article.

Travelers from abroad can also avail the services of taxis and buses from their departure point to the new city. It is essential to note here that travelers should enquire about the quarantines in India before traveling to any destination within the country. Even at the airport or at the railway station, you will find ample facilities to avail public transportation. Public transportation throughout india is relatively cheaper than that available within the country.

Passport and visas: Most important here are the requirements of obtaining a valid passport from your country of origin before traveling to India. Since most of us are aware of the political situation in India, most of us are generally allowed to obtain an Indian Passport from the IRSA (Union government of India) office in New Delhi which is quite easy and quick. Once you get a valid passport from the Indian government, you can proceed towards your destination. However, most of the Indians in the rural areas do not have Passports and it is advisable to carry a copy of your passport along with you while traveling.

For all this, you need to exercise increased caution while traveling to India from abroad. It is highly recommended that you should always refer to the India travel advisory. With the current US President’s visit to India coming up, all foreign travelers to India must be extra cautious while carrying out the above mentioned activities.